How much does a certified translation cost?

How much does a certified translation cost?

Here is a breakdown of the costs for your certified translation.

People usually only think about how much a certified translation costs when they need one. They may be surprised at first: Why does it cost so much? And why are there different prices for various documents? On the one hand, this is because the translation must be carried out exclusively by sworn translators. Secondly, various factors play a role in the costs; the three most important are probably:

  • the language combination
  • the document type
  • the length of the document


A translation with certification - only by sworn translators

The most important quality feature that distinguishes a certified translation from any other professional translation is, of course, the certification. For most offices and authorities, this verification is necessary in order for the translation to be recognised. Only translators who have been examined by the state and sworn in before a regional court, a higher regional court or an interior authority may produce certified translations. The certification is declared in the translation with a stamp and signature by the authorised translator(s). And due to the work of these trained and certified translators, a certified translation is by definition more valuable than a "normal" translation.


A question of language(s)

The price for a translation – whether certified or not – always depends on the desired language combination, i.e. the source language of the document to be translated and the desired target language (e.g. German – English or Spanish – German). Some languages are more common than others, so there are also different numbers of sworn translators available for different language combinations. Depending on the availability of the translators, different costs are incurred and this is understandably reflected in the price of the translation.

However, this has no influence on the quality; you will always receive an excellent translation from us no matter what. To this end, our service is triple certified: for excellent translation service (ISO 17100:2015), guaranteed quality management (ISO-9001:2015) and full information security (ISO/IEC 27001:2013).


Standard prices for standard documents

Many official documents are structured according to certain standards and always look the same. Of course, formats and content differ from country to country, but there are recurring patterns. For example, a German identity card always has the same structure, as does an English driving licence or a Spanish birth certificate. As a rule, we count personal identification certificates, certificates and (tabular) testimonials among the standard certificates for which we offer a certified translation at a fixed price. The prices for the translation are determined in each case on the basis of the usual amount of text in the original.

At Beglaubigung24, we have fixed prices for these documents, among others:

Different amounts of text, different costs

Some document types differ from each other both in their structure and in the amount of text, usually documents with continuous text. One great example of this: Contracts. Sometimes, they are short, at 5 pages – but they can also be over 20 (or more) pages long. With each page, the translator's workload increases, so in order to take this into account, we charge for the translation per page (and not per word!) in these cases. It is therefore also very important that you state the correct number of pages for your document when placing your order. You will then be shown the correct price immediately, and we will know from the outset how much material we’ll be translating for you.

At Beglaubigung24, we have fixed prices for these documents, among others: 

Frequently asked questions about the price for certified translations

How much does a certified translation cost?

The cost of a certified translation varies depending on the document. The price of the translation depends on several factors. These include the language combination, the document type and the document or text length (number of pages).

Why do I need a certified translation?

A certified translation (also referred to as an official translation) is usually required as proof for foreign offices or authorities. Official documents are usually only accepted if they have been translated and certified by sworn translators.

Who provides a certified translation?

Certified translations are exclusively carried out by sworn translators. These translators have been examined by the state and sworn in before a regional court, higher regional court or other authority. Translations of documents are generally recognised by foreign offices and authorities only after they have been certified with a signature and stamp.


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