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Have divorce certificate translated

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Divorce certificate as a certified translation in paper form and also as a PDF by e-mail.

3 steps to your certified translation:

1. select the languages

2. upload your document

3. check the number of pages

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Free shipping and short delivery time

  • The PDF file will be sent by e-mail within 3 - 4 working days (Mon.-Fri.) .

  • The hard copy will be delivered by post within 5 - 6 working days (Mon.-Fri.) .

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  • This ending can be a new beginning

    Did you get divorced in a foreign country? Or would you like to marry again? In both cases, as well as in Germany and many other countries, you will require a certified translation of your divorce certificate or a divorce decree. Our sworn translators can provide such translations for you. They will carry out the job professionally and reliably so that you can prove that you’re divorced and focus fully on your future.

  • Here’s what you get when you place an order with Beglaubigung24:

    ✔ a professional translation of your document

    ✔ carried out by sworn translators

    ✔ clean, easy-to-read formatting

    ✔ verified with an official stamp

    ✔ both as a PDF and as a hard copy by post (free shipping).

    ✔ digital express shipping for selected products

  • Don’t believe us?

    Then take a look at our customer reviews and ratings..

    You can easily order online. Our store is open 24/7.
    We will send the certified translation of your document 3-4 business days (24 hours for express) after your upload as a PDF to your e-mail address and a short time later by mail as a hard copy (priority letter or registered mail) to your home.

Quick and easy steps for you to get your certified translation:

1. Upload your divorce certificate and select the language

The first step is for you to upload your original divorce decree at the top of this page – ideally as a high-resolution PDF or alternatively as a JPG or PNG. If you don’t yet have your divorce certificate saved as a scan or photo, we recommend using our ‘Upload photo’ function: open this page on your smartphone, take a picture of the divorce certificate during the ordering process, upload it, and select the desired language. It’s that easy.

2. Add your order to your shopping cart or use Quick Checkout to complete your order

Now you can select Quick Checkout or add the certified translation of your divorce decree to your shopping cart. In the latter case, you can add additional documents to be translated and certified from our shop. Once you’ve added all the documents to be translated to your shopping cart, select a payment method (e.g. PayPal or credit card), provide us with your contact details, and submit your translation order.

3. Have your certified translation prepared

We then accept your order and pass it on directly to one of our sworn translators. A certified translation of your original divorce certificate will then be drawn up in the language you want – properly formatted with a signature and stamp. The certified translation of your divorce ruling will soon arrive in your email inbox and post box.

And if you’re happy with our work, we’d appreciate you leaving us a positive review.

Frequently asked questions about divorce certificate translations

When do I need a certified translation for a divorce decree?

No matter if it’s a birth certificate, marriage certificate or divorce certificate, it’s common practice to provide a certified translation for such documents to be recognised by foreign public authorities, courts and (registry) offices. Certified translations are drawn up by sworn translators who are state-certified and authorised to translate and certify official documents and certificates.

Where can I have a divorce decree translated?

You should always use a specialised translation agency to have your divorce decree translated. State-certified translators at these agencies will translate your documents or certificates and provide certified translations in the target language you want. In general, these translations are also recognised by foreign courts and government agencies.

How much does the certified translation of a divorce certificate cost?

We can provide you with a certified translation of your divorce ruling for a fair price starting at €48.90 (depending on the number of pages and language combination). Included in this price is the translation itself, quick and high-quality processing by one of our sworn translators and official certification of the translation, of course.

Which languages are available for the translation of my divorce decree?

At Beglaubigung24 you can order certified translations in 19 language combinations. One of the two languages, i.e. the source or target language, should be German.

Our language combinations are:

German - English
English - German
French - German
Spanish - German
Russian - German
Italian - German
Polish - German
Portuguese - German
Turkish - German
German - French
German - Spanish
Greek - German
Dutch - German
Ukrainian - German
Bosnian - German
Serbian - German
Croatian - German
Arabic - German
Bulgarian - German

Who translates and certifies a divorce ruling?

Divorce decrees or certificates are only translated by sworn translators because only then will official institutions accept them. These translators (in our case in Germany) are state-certified and have taken an oath before a regional or higher regional court or an authority for domestic affairs. You can typically find these sworn translators at a specialised translation agency – or really easily using our online shop.

How do I set the number of pages?  

A single page means one side of one sheet of paper – irrespective of the number of words on that page. The front and back sides of a double-sided document are considered two separate pages. All relevant pages in the original document are counted for the translation. The ‘number of pages’ comprises the total number of individual pages. Learn more here.

Will my data and information contained in the documents be kept confidential?

Of course, we handle all data we receive from you or from your documents with the utmost confidentiality - you can be sure of that! Because: In addition to certifications for translation services (ISO 17100) and quality management (ISO 9001), our service has an excellent information security management system according to ISO/IEC 27001.

Do you have any questions?

Or do you need more information on certified translations?

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  • Here’s what you might need it for

    Foreign courts and public authorities usually only accept the translation of a divorce certificate if it has been certified. A simple translation is not enough in most cases, and this is also the case for most official documents by the way. But when exactly will you require the certified translation of your divorce decree? In general, you will need it whenever you need to present it to a foreign public authority or court. There can be many different reasons for this, including remarriage (registration of a new marriage) or an application to change your name after a divorce.

    At Beglaubigung24, we translate and certify your divorce document: 1. If you require your divorce decree which has been issued in German in another language or 2. if you require a foreign language document in German in order to submit it to a German court or government agency.

  • Certificate, ruling or decree? We translate your divorce documents

    Some call it a divorce decree, others a divorce certificate. Sometimes it’s even known as a divorce ruling, yet all three terms mean the same thing. What’s important is the content and validity of the documents, and the fact that it is an official or court document confirming the legal divorce of the former spouses. We don’t mind what you call it – we’ll translate your divorce documents no matter their designation and provide you with an officially recognised certification.

  • Everything or nothing – what sections need to be translated

    You might wonder what needs to be translated in the case of a divorce decree which spans many pages. Isn’t it enough to have parts translated for the document to be recognised at home or abroad? Our answer: It might work, but it might not. There are indeed foreign institutions that accept abridged translations. A complete list of these countries or public authorities, however, does not exist. That’s why we suggest getting this information from the recipient early on. At Beglaubigung24, we usually only translate entire documents and calculate the price for the translation of divorce decrees based on the number of pages – that way you’re always on the safe side!

  • Ready for the future – protected by our triple certification

    A new stage of life begins after getting divorced. We will provide you with the best support possible – at least when it comes to paperwork – to make it as convenient as possible for you to set off into your new future. Our sworn translators will create a recognised and certified translation of your divorce documents so that administrative formalities can be wrapped up as quickly as possible without any complications. You can count on us: Our service has been certified three times in accordance with ISO standards: for our translation services (ISO 17100:2015), our quality management (ISO-9001:2015) and our information security (ISO/IEC 27001:2013).

  • When do I need to have a divorce certificate translated?

    In general, there are three reasons why a divorce certificate must be translated:

    - You would like to remarry and need to provide a translation of your foreign divorce certificate.
    - You would like to have your divorce in Germany recognised abroad.
    - You would like to have your foreign divorce recognised in Germany.

  • I don't have a divorce certificate yet - can I also have the divorce decree or decree translated?

    In most cases, you will receive your divorce certificate approx. four weeks after the court ruling. If you require a translation in advance as proof for your divorce, we can also translate the divorce decree or divorce ruling for you. Simply upload the relevant document at the top of this page and place an order for your certified translation in just a few clicks.

  • Quick and easy payment

    Simply use one of our offered payment options, such as Paypal, Klarna, Sofort Überweisung, Apple Pay or credit card payment.