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Beglaubigung24 is the online shop for certified translations. From birth certificates to testimonials and certificates, our clients can have any document translated – including certified translation.

We are continually expanding and would be delighted to have qualified and dedicated translators join our team. Every day, we have new translation projects for you to take on. When you translate for us, you don’t need to worry about preparing a quotation or sending an invoice to the client – you can concentrate fully on what you do best: translating. And you are paid automatically and punctually every month.

You want to become a translator at Beglaubigung24 and work on projects with us? Great! Apply directly via the contact form or send your application to* and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Everything you need to know:


What is Beglaubigung24?

Beglaubigung24 is an online translation service specialising in the provision of certified translations. We are a tolingo GmbH brand and, for more than ten years now, we have been translating and certifying official documents and papers, including birth certificates, identity documents, marriage certificates, contracts, testimonials, death certificates, and much more. All those milestone events that occur during our lives. At Beglaubigung24, clients can order their certified translations fast, easily and around the clock via our shop. They can upload documents or take a photo of them during the order process. We send back the certified translation of a document as a PDF within 3-4 working days and as a hard copy in the post in 5-6 working days. Important for you to know as a translator: our working systems are automated in almost all areas. You don’t need to send a quotation; as a translator, you concentrate on what you do best: translating. The award of contracts takes place by email and the processing takes place via our jobs portal. There’s always a project manager available if you have any questions. Sound good? Then send us your application!   

Why should I become a translator for Beglaubigung24?

There are many good reasons to become a translator with us; these include:

  • We give you free rein! To work with us you only need a computer and an internet connection. Via your personal dashboard, you can view and accept available jobs as well as access your jobs history, payment information and personal information. To give the translations a more professional appearance, we provide the relevant print material.
  • We pay you on time and reliably! Thanks to our automatic invoicing and payment system, you receive your payment on time every month, without needing to write an invoice.**
  • We are professional! Beglaubigung24 is a tolingo GmbH brand and therefore offers all the advantages of a well-structured agency and reliable contacts with many years of experience in the industry.
  • We take a lot of work off your shoulders! tolingo, our affiliated brand, takes over all the time-consuming tasks, such as preparing quotations and invoices as well as acquiring and dealing with clients. You can concentrate completely on your translations.


What are the requirements for the job?

If you want to work for Beglaubigung24 as a translator, we have certain requirements of you and place great value on sufficient experience, a high level of knowledge and top quality. And naturally you need to fulfil the necessary basics. If you fulfil these three points, you have a good chance of becoming a member of our team:

  • Quality is your top priority. You enjoy taking on new challenges and are 100% committed to exceeding the expectations of the clients. You have an eye for detail.
  • You meet all the formal requirements. You have the status of a sworn translator in Germany or you are authorised/publicly appointed. And naturally you have sufficient experience and expertise as a translator.
  • Good time management is one of your strong points and you have enough capacity to accept jobs from us, too. You work full-time or part-time as a translator, can take on translation projects regularly and complete them promptly.



Which languages can I be a translator for at Beglaubigung24?

If you want to be a translator with Beglaubigung24, you should either translate from German into another language, or from another language into German. Or both, of course.  

These are our language combinations:

  • German - English
  • English - German
  • French - German
  • Spanish - German
  • Russian - German
  • Italian - German
  • Polish - German
  • Portuguese - German
  • Turkish - German
  • German - French
  • German - Spanish
  • Greek - German
  • Dutch - German
  • Bosnian - german
  • Serbian - German
  • Croatian - german

Don’t see your language combination? Apply anyway! Perhaps your language combination will be the next on our list.



Where can I work from with Beglaubigung24?

You can do your job as a translator with Beglaubigung24 from anywhere! Hamburg, Berlin, Munich – it doesn’t matter as long as you have your computer with you and a good internet connection. You can even take on jobs for us when you are abroad (but don’t forget to keep an eye on the time zones). It’s important for us that you have the status of sworn translator or are authorised/publicly appointed in Germany. You decide where you work.


I can’t see any job vacancies advertised for Beglaubigung24 – can I still apply as a translator?

Yes, of course! Even if we do not have an explicit job offer, we are always happy to receive applications from freelance translators. Apply directly via the Contact form or sjust send us your application (including resume and confirmation or something comparable) to*. We are sure to have a suitable translator job for you.


How can I apply as a translator:in?

If you would like to be a part of the team, then bew you about our Contact form or send us your application documents (curriculum vitae and confirmation or equivalent) to*. We will look at your documents and get back to you as soon as possible.




* Just so that you know, Beglaubigung24 is a brand of tolingo GmbH through which we handle our recruiting.

** Payment: We work with a very large network of translators from all over the world and have payment terms that are secure and transparent for everyone. Your payment is transferred on the 15th of the month after completing the project.