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    No matter whether it’s a diploma, deed or contract – all official documents such as these require more than just translation into another language. Public authorities abroad will generally only consider your documents to be valid if there is a certified translation available. This might sound like a lot of effort – but it really isn’t. At least not when you work with us. Here at Beglaubigung24, all you have to do is upload your documents; we’ll take care of the rest. Your document will be translated by certified translators, who will affix the correct stamp and required signature. In no time at all, you’ll receive two copies of your certified translation from us: one in your email inbox, the other by post. All for a fixed price and free shipping. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

    • With the right tools, it’s quite easy nowadays to translate documents. We’re aware that you are likely already able to produce your own (somewhat) error-free translations using common tools – but that won’t be sufficient if your document is required for an official purpose. Attempting to use a quick or machine-produced translation of your documents in an official setting will most likely result in failure, because only certified translations are accepted in these contexts. If you need a certified translation, simply click on your desired product below to place your order online. We can translate documents from German into English, French, Spanish and many other languages. Our translators can also translate multiple languages into German. These translations are all certified, of course. But document translation is probably not a routine task for you regardless of which option you choose, so you may have a few questions about the process. We’ll give you all the answers you need.

    • What is a certified translation of a document?

      A certified translation is a form of translation which is officially recognised. These translations are carried out by sworn translators who certify the documents with their stamp and signature. The translator’s signature officially confirms that the translation is complete and correct.

    • Why is it necessary to have translated documents notarized?

      This special translation process is often required in the context of submitting foreign-language documents to a German authority or court or German-language documents to a public authority abroad. If either of these situations applies to you, then you’ve come to the right place here at Beglaubigung24.

    • How much does it cost to have a document translated?

      We calculate a transparent fixed price for every certified translation. The cost of having a document translated depends on the type of document and language combination, and potentially also on the length of the document or number of pages. Here’s an example: a German – French translation of a driving licence may cost as little as €53.90 at Beglaubigung24. However, the price for a translation of a contract from German into Spanish starts at €63.90. You can find the respective prices for other types of documents on the individual product pages.

    • How quickly will my documents be translated?

      When important documents are concerned, it’s usually urgent. However, our top priority is delivering you a certified translation of flawless quality; our sworn translators work with immense precision, and that takes time, no matter how urgent the deadline. You will receive a translated PDF of your document by email within 3–4 business days. A hard copy will arrive by post within 5–6 business days. By the way, you can upload a document to Beglaubigung24 in just seconds: Upload a PDF or photo of the original document, select your desired target language, contact information and payment method – and that’s all you need to do.

    • Who is permitted to translate and certify a translation?

      Documents of this type may only be translated by sworn translators who have been assessed by state authorities and who specialise in particular languages or language combinations. The quickest way to find a sworn translator is by getting in touch with a translation agency – or, to make things even easier, just contact us. Our native-speaker translators cover an enormous range of languages: from German, English, French and Spanish to Greek, Portuguese and Polish, to name just a few.

    • For what types of documents is a certified translation required?

      As a general rule, a certified translation is always required if the document to be translated is an official document. These documents are usually required by courts and other public authorities. You can have the following types of documents translated by us and order them online: Employment or education credentials, driving licences, birth certificates, marriage certificates – and you can find even more products at the bottom of this page.

    • Where can I have documents translated?

      Professional translation agencies specialise in translating and certifying documents. Sworn translators produce professional translations that are then certified with an official signature. As experts in certified translations, we’ll provide you with high-quality translations of your official documents. Don’t believe us? We can prove it: We have triple ISO certification for our translation services, quality management and information security.

    • Are you looking for a translation on behalf of a company?

      If you’re looking for a document translation on behalf of your company, then you might be interested in our translation agency tolingo. tolingo provides companies with custom price quotations – free of cost – and also offers options for larger-scale translation projects.

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