Getting married in Germany

Getting married in Germany

What papers do I need to get married as a foreigner?

These documents are required by foreigners for a marriage in Germany

Anyone can marry in Germany – even someone without German citizenship, or in the case of both partners being foreigners. A marriage before a German registry office is also possible without a residence or permanent visa in Germany. However, as a general rule, foreigners have to present further documents in person, often in the form of a certified translation.

The best thing to do is to ask your local registry office which documents they require before a marriage. Do this as early as possible so that nothing can stand in the way of your wedding at the desired time.

As a general rule, the registry office requires the following documents from foreigners:

1. Identity document with photo

For example, you can show your national passport, passport, ID card, identity card. Unfortunately, driver's licenses cannot be used as proof of identity here. We translate your identity documents and certify them directly. With us you can have your identity card certified translated and order the certified translation of your pass port online.

2. ‘Certificate of Marriageability’

You need this certificate to prove that there is no legal obstacle to marriage. Here you can easily have your certificate of marriageability translated

3. Birth certificate

As a rule, you need a birth certificate to get married in Germany. If you were not born in Germany and have a foreign birth certificate, then this should be translated into German with certification. The date of issue of the certified translation is very important. This may not be longer than 6 months in the past. In addition, it must really be a birth certificate. A baptismal certificate is not sufficient. In case of naturalization in Germany, the naturalization certificate must be presented. We are happy to help you: At Beglaubigung24 you can have your birth certificate translated with just a few clicks - including certification.

4. Marital status certificate

You will probably need a certificate of singleness to get married. In some cases, this is also noted on the residence certificate. We will provide you with a certified translation of your certificates within a few business days.

5. Confirmation of registration or residence

A registration certificate or residence certificate is required for a marriage in Germany. If this certificate is not available in German, because you are not resident in Germany, please ask us if the certificate should be translated and certified. If you need this certificate, we will be happy to help you with the certified translation of the certificate.


Have your documents translated now – at Beglaubigung24:

The registry office requires additional documents from foreigners in certain cases:

6. Adoption certificate

Only for adoptees. 

7. Birth certificates of any children, declarations of custody and acknowledgement of paternity  

Only for marriages with children in common. 

8. Divorce certificate 

In case you have been married before. If you have to present a divorce certificate, it may be that it has to be translated into German. We will be happy to assist you here. Order the certified translation of your divorce certificate easily in our online store.

9. Death certificate

Only for widowed persons of the deceased spouse. 

10. Certificate of change of name 

Only for persons with a changed surname.

11. Declaration of consent

Only for minors of the legal representative, document drawn up by notary in accordance with the laws of the respective country.


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In what form do I submit the documents?

Apart from the German registration or residence confirmation, you usually have to present the original AND a certified translation of each of the documents mentioned above in person; sometimes a certified copy is sufficient. The procedures of the registry offices in Germany differ in some cases – so always check with your local registry office to find out which certificates you need to get married and in what form.


Order certified translations

We at Beglaubigung24 are happy to support foreign citizens and provide certified translations of all documents required for a marriage at a registry office in Germany. Our sworn specialist translators have the appropriate authorization and qualifications for this. 

At Beglaubigung24 you can easily have your documents translated - take a picture, upload it and in a few days you will receive the certified translation from us.


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