Have a certificate of no impediment translated and notarized

Have a certificate of no impediment translated and notarized

Are you planning to get married abroad and have heard of the term "marriage eligibility certificate" but not sure what it is exactly, how to get it and why it's so important? Don't worry, we have all the answers for you!

In this article, we'll guide you through the whole process and explain how Beglaubigung24 can help you make your dream wedding a reality.

What is a certificate of no impediment to marriage?

A certificate of no impediment to marriage is an official document that confirms that there are no obstacles to your marriage under the law of your home country. It therefore serves as a kind of "green light" for your wedding abroad.

Why do I need a certificate of no impediment?

Many countries require this document to recognize international marriages. It is proof that you and your partner are both single (or appropriately divorced) and eligible to marry under the laws of your home country.

How do I get a certificate of no impediment to marriage?

Inform yourself

You should first find out what documents are required from the registry office or the relevant authority in your country. The requirements may vary.

Collect the necessary documents

This usually includes your identity card or passport, a birth certificate, any divorce decrees or death certificates of previous spouses and more.


With all the necessary documents, you then go to the registry office or the relevant authority to apply for the certificate of no impediment to marriage.

Translation and notarization

If you want to get married abroad, the certificate of no impediment often has to be translated into the language of the country and notarized. This is where Beglaubigung24 comes into play!

Have it translated now - at Beglaubigung24

At Beglaubigung24 , we offer a fast, reliable translation and certification service for your certificate of no impediment. Simply upload the documents online and our specialist translators will take care of the rest. So you can be sure that everything will run smoothly.

What else do I need to pay attention to?


Please note that certificates of no impediment to marriage often only have a limited validity. Find out about the deadlines in good time so that your document is valid on the big day.

Additional documents

Depending on the country, additional documents or translations may be required. Find out thoroughly to avoid any nasty surprises.


Make sure that the translation and certification of your certificate of no impediment to marriage is recognized by the authorities in the country of marriage. Here, too, Beglaubigung24 can support you.


Planning a wedding abroad is an exciting adventure. With the right certificate of no impediment, professionally translated and notarized by Beglaubigung24, nothing stands in the way of your happiness. Do you still have questions or need support with your certificate of no impediment? Feel free to contact us - we will help you with heart and expertise!

We look forward to hearing your story - share your experiences and tips about the marriage certificate in the comments. Your feedback makes our community stronger.

Certificate of no impediment abroad

When it comes to marriage eligibility certificates, there are indeed some countries that stand out for their unusual requirements or processes. These peculiarities can range from additional bureaucratic hurdles to unique cultural practices. Here are a few examples that illustrate just how varied the requirements can be around the world:

1. Germany and the "local contingent"

In Germany, the procedure for a certificate of marriageability is relatively standardized, but there is the traditional "Aufgebot", which has since been replaced by the simple registration of the marriage, but is still an interesting part of German marriage culture. In the past, the names of those wishing to marry were posted in public to give the community the opportunity to raise any objections. Today, the procedure is more direct and digital, but still characterized by thorough checks.

2 Italy and the "Nulla Osta"

In Italy, a "Nulla Osta" is often required instead of a traditional certificate of no impediment to marriage. This is a type of confirmation issued in Italy by the diplomatic or consular mission of the country from which one of the spouses comes. It confirms that there are no obstacles to marriage under the law of the home country. The "Nulla Osta" must then be legalized or apostilled, which makes the process a little more complicated for international couples.

3 Thailand and the "Affirmation of Freedom to Marry"

Thailand requires foreign nationals who wish to marry there to present an "Affirmation of Freedom to Marry". This document is similar to the Certificate of Eligibility to Marry, but must be issued by the respective home country's embassy in Thailand and then legalized by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The process is specific and requires couples to contact the diplomatic missions.

4th Las Vegas, USA: Marriage with ease

While this does not directly involve a marriage license, it is remarkable how simple and straightforward the marriage process is in Las Vegas, Nevada, compared to many other places in the world. Couples can get married within hours of obtaining a marriage license, and there are hardly any prerequisites. This makes Las Vegas a popular destination for spontaneous or elopement weddings.

5. unusual requirements in certain countries

Some countries have specific traditions or requirements that may seem unusual to outsiders. These could include medical examinations that must be carried out before marriage or special courses that couples must complete.

What does that mean for you?

If you want to get married in one of these countries or under special circumstances, it is important to inform yourself thoroughly and prepare. At Beglaubigung24 we are happy to assist you with translations and notarizations required by the international authorities. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need help preparing for your international wedding.

And remember: every country has its own special features. It's worth considering these as part of the adventure that an international wedding can be. Do you have any experiences with unusual requirements for the marriage certificate? Feel free to share them in the comments!

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