Apostilles: What they are & when they should be certified translated

Certified translation of an apostille with stamp

Anyone who deals with international documents will sooner or later ask themselves the question: "What is an apostille and what do I need it for?"

Here you can find out everything you need to know about apostilles - clearly and comprehensibly. Whether for your birth certificate, diploma or other official documents, we explain why apostilles are so important and how they work.

So what exactly is an apostille?

Think of it as a VIP pass for your documents, rolling out the red carpet in other countries. An apostille is a special confirmation that is stamped on your document or an attached sheet. It shows that your document is genuine and internationally recognized. Whether it's a birth certificate, certificate or other official documents, an apostille makes them acceptable worldwide.

And what does "Hague Apostille" mean?

The apostille is based on the Hague Apostille Convention of 1961 and is a kind of accolade for your documents. In the past, legalization was a bureaucratic adventure with lots of stamps and confirmations.

Instead of navigating through a jungle of authorities to have your documents recognized in different countries, the Hague Apostille ensures that once certified, your document is accepted in all signatory states to the Convention. This saves time, money and nerves! 

The path to an apostille

Now you're probably asking yourself:"How do I get an apostille like this?" It's simple: go to the relevant authority in your country, for example the Ministry of Justice or a regional court. Show your document there and voilà - the apostille will be affixed. This stamp is your ticket to the world of international document acceptance.

And if your documents are not written in the official language of the destination country, come to us. At Beglaubigung24.de, we are professionals at professionally translating and certifying your apostilles. We make sure that your translations are accurate and complete.

Important to know: We do not issue apostilles, but we make them ready for the international stage.

Do you need an apostille in Germany? Then go to the Federal Office for Foreign Affairs. And if you then need a translation - you know where to find us!

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