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  • Are you looking for three reasons to order your certified translation from us?

    We’ll give you five.

  • Official translations - professional translators process every order

    Certified translations - professional translators process every order

    Professional formatting - we’ll ensure that everything looks right supposed to look

    ✔ Upload a photo with your smartphone take a photo of the document, select the languages, done

    ✔ Digital and printed - we’ll send you the translation both as a PDF and as a hard copy in the post (free shipping)

  • From an official document to a certified translation:

    We make it very easy to submit an official document and receive a certified translation with the translator’s signature and stamp. You can either do this on a computer or (if you don’t have a digital copy or scan of the document) simply take a picture with your smartphone or another mobile device like a tablet.

  • Certified translation with PC - upload, choose language, get certified translation

    1. Upload or take a photo

    It’s really as easy as it sounds: Just use your computer or smartphone to upload the file which you need to have translated to the respective document page. Even if you don’t have a digital copy of the original document, you can simply take a photo of it with your smartphone or tablet during the ordering process. Please make sure that the lighting is good and the text is in focus.

  • Certified translation - photograph, upload, choose language, get certified translation

    2. Select language

    Choose the source language and desired target language for your document and tell us the number of pages or photos you have uploaded. Please note: For double-sided documents, each side of text counts as its own page. You’ll complete your order by using your preferred payment method.

  • Sworn translation - photograph, upload, choose language, get sworn translationSworn translation with smartphone - photograph, choose language, get sworn translation

    3. Receive your certified translation

    As soon as we receive your order, our sworn translators will get to work. You’ll receive the digital version of your certified translation – signed and stamped – as an email in just 3-4 days. We’ll send the hard copy of the translation at the same time so it will arrive in your letterbox as promptly as possible. We don’t charge any postage costs, of course.

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All document types

All document types

Simple, fast and secure with Beglaubigung24 No matter whether it’s a diploma, deed or contract – all official documents such as these require more than just translation into another language. Public authorities abroad will generally only consider your documents to be valid if there is a certified translation available. This might sound like a lot of effort – but it really isn’t. At least not when you work with us. Here at Beglaubigung24, all you have to do is upload your documents; we’ll take care of the rest. Your document will be translated by certified translators, who will affix the correct stamp and required signature. In no time at all, you’ll receive two copies of your certified translation from us: one in your email inbox, the other by post. All for a fixed price and free shipping. It doesn’t get any easier than that. 



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  • What is a certified translation?

    A  certified or sworn translation is a complete, correct translation of an official document which has been carried out by a sworn translator. Certified translations have been stamped and signed and are thus valid in the context of public authorities, agencies, courts or other official institutions.

  • What does a certified translation look like?

    Certified translations require an official attestation from the translator in the form of a stamp and signature. A certified translation entails the complete, correct translation of an official document which can only be carried out by a sworn translator who has been authorised by a court of law.

  • ‘Official’, ‘certified’ and ‘notarised’ translations: What’s the difference?

    The terms ‘official’ and ‘certified’ translations are often used synonymously. A translation is considered ‘official’ if it is an official document, the correctness of which has been verified as a certified translation or with an affidavit from the translator. Certified translations usually require a stamp and signature in order to be considered valid.

    There is no such thing as a ‘notarised translation’, per se – but a translation can indeed be certified by a notary. Although the term ‘notarised’ is commonly used in this situation, ‘certified translation’ is a more accurate descriptor, because notaries are generally not authorised to translate documents into or out of foreign languages.

  • Who carries out certified translations?

    Certified translations are exclusively carried out by sworn translators. These translators have special certification and are authorised by a court to be able to translate and certify official documents. Please note: Both “official” and “certified” translations can be used as synonyms for services provided by the same sworn translators.

  • Certified, official, valid – we make things easy for you

    Sometimes it happens more unexpectedly than you think: suddenly you need an important document in another language. You need to have your birth certificate translated for your move abroad, the foreign registry office requires a certified translation of your marriage certificate, or you need a certificate translated for your job or studies abroad. At such times, things often have to be done quickly and - more importantly - officially. Because a simply translated document is often not sufficient to be recognized by most authorities or in court. Only through the certification of a translation do certificates and the like become legally binding documents.

    With Beglaubigung24, your original document can be transformed into a certified translation in just a few steps – even if you only have a print-out of the document. Simply take a photo and upload... our translators will handle the rest. In just a few days, you will receive a digital copy of your document by email and a hard copy by post.

  • Great professionalism, excellent quality, total security – we have everything covered

    Our standards are especially high for our certified translations and they’re just as high when it comes to the translators we use. We guarantee that every translation ordered from Beglaubigung24 will be carried out by a sworn translator. This strict standard is more than just an empty promise – we also verify it through our certification review.

    We provide a triple guarantee for you and your translation: we have been certified for the excellence of our translation services (ISO 17100:2015), the security of our quality management processes (ISO-9001:2015) and the completeness of our information security systems (ISO/IEC 27001:2013).

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