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Certified translations between English and German and vice versa are in great demand for private purposes as well as in international business relations, science and numerous other sectors.

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The importance of the language combinations English-German and German-English English and German are not only leading languages in the European Union, but also play a central role as a means of communication in the global economy.

Here are some areas of application in which these language combinations are indispensable:

  • International business world: Companies that build bridges between English and German-speaking markets regularly require certified translations of contracts, business documents and company reports.
  • Academic mobility: Students and researchers who move between these language areas are dependent on certified translations of their academic certificates and publications.
  • Immigration and legal matters: People who want to move or work abroad need reliable translations of their personal and legal documents such as birth and marriage certificates as well as court documents.

Challenges with the translations

Translating from English to German as well as from German to English poses specific challenges:

  • Grammar and sentence structure: The more complex sentence structure of German can make translation challenging, especially with complex text structures.
  • Specialist terminology: The precise translation of specialist terms, particularly in the fields of law, technology and medicine, requires extensive specialist knowledge and experience.
  • Cultural differences: Understanding cultural nuances is crucial in order to create texts that are appropriate and precise in the target context.

False Friends

An exciting aspect of translation between German and English are the so-called "false friends" - words that sound or are spelled similarly but have different meanings.

A classic example is the English word "become", which is often mistakenly confused with the German "bekommen" (to receive), but actually means "werden" (to become). Translating such subtleties correctly requires not only knowledge of the language, but also cultural understanding.

Certified translations for Beglaubigung24

rely on experienced translators who are deeply familiar with both the source and target languages in their specialist fields. Our specialists for English-German and German-English have the following qualifications:

  • Accreditation: All our translators are accredited by the relevant authorities and authorized to produce certified translations.
  • Specialization: Our translators focus on specific specialist areas, which enables them to translate even the most complex texts accurately and comprehensibly.
  • Experience: Many years of professional experience guarantee first-class results, even under time pressure.

 The combinations English-German and German-English are indispensable in the modern, networked world. With Beglaubigung24 , your certified translations are in the best hands, whether they are personal documents or complex specialist texts.

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